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Hello and Welcome to my site!

I just love helping ladies transform their bodies and help them achieve their goals. I have been there; I know what it’s like to be overweight. You can see that I have transformed my body several times. I have a 2yr old and look and feel better than ever. It is possible to have 3 children, husband, farm, cattle/horses, and work AND find time to work out. I do not belong to a gym; I have a gym in my house. It’s all about asking yourself - HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT ?

Email me if you have any questions. You can see the transformations that ladies have already achieved with me in the past. I recently joined the Body By Vi Team ARE YOU READY FOR THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE ? All you have to loose is weight. Money back guarantee. I am running a special until June 15. If you sign up for the CHALLENGE I will give you weights, cardio, meal plan and a chance to train here, so I can kick your butt. Email me for details. It’s only $1.50 a shake and I recommend 2 a day. You can’t buy breakfast or lunch for that. I believe in hard work and eating right so don’t think this is a magic shake-it’s something to help you especially when you are on the run and don’t have time to eat a meal.

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Congratulations Amy!

Amy won my 12 week online challenge. She lost 25 pounds and 21.5 inches. I am very proud of all of the ladies that participated. Amy didn't belong to a gym and has 4 young children. If she can do it at home so can you-how bad do you want it? Amy wanted it BAD!!! It feels great to get back into clothes that I haven't been able to squeeze into for years and I feel so much energy as well...I've still got a long way to go...Heather does an awesome job and is the reason for such a great change....what a wonderful motivator...highly recommend her and the 12 week challenge when you are ready to start making some real changes in yourself! great job Heather...thanks as always!  


Congratulations Joyce!

I would like to send a HUGE Congratulations to Joyce for winning the Heather Bear 12-Week Online Challenge #2. She lost a total of 15.5 pounds and 11 inches. I am very proud of everyone that participated. I would also like to mention Linda K who is 62 and competed in the challenge. She also made huge changes while adding muscle tone. "Age is just a number" All of the ladies did a great job. I will be posting before/after pictures of a future bride that has lost so much weight and inches that she's in clothes that she hasn't worn in 5+ years!!! Great Job Everyone! Stay posted for upcoming challenges. 


Joyce Joyce Joyce

[click for larger pictures]


Joyce Joyce Joyce

[click for larger pictures]

Congratulations Nicole!

She came to me w/ a goal to compete and do the best she could. She is a single mom, has a house to care for and just started a new job-that involved 3 weeks of travel for training. She dieted and trained while on the road. She is a very determined lady-reminds me of myself in alot of ways. Well she achieved her goals!!! She placed 2nd in Novice and Figure A at the Monster Mash and 4th in Figure A at the Ky Muscle. Both which are HUGE shows.

Nicole Nicole

[click for larger pictures]

I'm very proud of her. If you have a goal to get in better shape for 2011-CONTACT ME-I will help.


This is a client/dear friend of mine Linda K.

I have helped her loose fat/ gain muscle and even get on stage. She just completed a 12 week online challenge of mine. She wants to motivate other ladies in their 60's to go achieve their goals. She says, "age is just a number". I know she is motivation to me - I want to be like her when I grow up!! Thanks Linda for being an inspiration to others.

Linda K Before Linda K After

[click for larger pictures]

Congratulations Tracy

I would like to send a HUGE Congratulations to Tracy for winning the Heather Bear 12-Week Online Challenge. She lost a total of 17 pounds and 20.5 inches. I am very proud of everyone that participated. I had 3 ladies that were very, very close in pounds and inches. Most of the ladies did what I asked and lost 1 pound a week-which is fantastic. Great Job Everyone! Stay posted for upcoming challenges.

[click for larger pictures]

Congratulations Rachel!

on her FIRST 1/2 marathon. A few years ago she couldn't even run 1 mile-she kept going after her goals and ACHIEVED them. 


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Heather Bear “Helping others help themselves is my biggest thrill!”

May 26, 2009

Heather Bear is a compressed ball of intense energy. A fulltime fitness professional with a vibrant physical presence, Heather attracts female clients like a gigantic magnet dropped into a bagful of metal filings. Heather trains women of all ages, shapes and sizes and possessing varying degrees of fitness or unfitness.
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If you are pregnant or expecting to get pregnant anytime soon you can now stay in shape and get advice from Heather Bear.  Heather has put her life's lessons on a training DVD.  Heather has kept her weight gain to only 25 pds during her pregnancy.  Heather has learned the hard way of weight gain, during her 1st pregnancy where she gained 75 pounds. Heather is ready to share and help you keep stay in shape while being pregnant. 

1 weeks worth of training is included in this 30 minute DVD.


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Heather In The News
Heather was featured in a local newspaper after competing with a four month old. Check out the story HERE!

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I would like to say Congratulations to Amy for winning the Heather Bear 12-Week Online Challenge #3. She lost a total of 21.5 pounds and 27 inches. I am very proud of everyone that participated. Great Job Everyone! Stay posted for upcoming challenges.

Amy Before Amy After
Before                                               After
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Valarie Sanford on her 2rd place in Jr. Masters and 3rd place in open at the Arizona Open Bodybuilding Championships.

Click to Enlarge

Great Job Valarie-keep it up. 

Congrats Valerie on 3rd place in Figure and 6th in Masters Figure at the Arizona NPC Show. This was Valarie's first show at the age of 38 and also a MOM. This was a HUGE show especially for a first time competitor. She had a goal and like all of my clients-they go after them. She looked great out there on stage. I'm very proud of her. 


Valerie Valerie Valerie

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CONGRATULATIONS to CHRISTINA and CHAD. Christina worked her butt off literally before the wedding and looks beautiful.



CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie Tyler-now Valerie Ellsworth on her “Transformation” and marriage. She worked hard to get to where she is today and had a great support system along the way.


"The Real Deal" at Juggernaut MMA Gym.

These girls kicked butt and took names. I was impressed with them all. I loved answering questions and pushing them past their limits. Some didn't believed in themselves BUT left believing. Great Job Ladies  

Another Transformation by Heather Bear
Lynore, over 50 and showing that age is just a number!

Lynore before Lynore after

Client Spotlight
Tracy before Tracy 12 weeks w/ Heather Bear

Congratulations TRACY!!

Read about her transformation and she ISN'T finished yet!!

Testimonials [ more testimonials ]

     I started working with Heather Bear at a time in my life when I was frustrated with the same old routine and seeing no changes. I am a mom to 4 boys and I have always been active but needed some inspiration to push me further than I was pushing myself. Heather was the one to do it! I talked with her on the phone and she is so real and genuine. I explained to her I had a few things working against me like Hypothyroidism and food allergies. She put together a great nutrition plan for me and she would make sure what she put on the plan would be things I liked. Her workouts will push you like no other. It was exciting to try new things and I had so much energy.
She is someone you can call or e-mail with any question and she will get back to you promptly. I am excited for my future and she has inspired me to compete, which I never thought I could do. Thanks Heather for showing women that having a family or whatever your age you can reach your goals if you work hard and don't give up!

Ali Winkelman


I went to Heather’s Bear Retreat not sure what I was going to get. I was hoping not to be disappointed again; because like so many of times you have this image of a person you have read about, talked to in emails, and on the phone and then finally meet them and they are nothing like what they portrayed to be…….this is SOOOOO NOT THE CASE with Heather Bear. She is who and what she says she is. Her workouts she shows in the magazines, she does them.

I went with a friend who has never even lifted a weight in her life and I, being avid in fitness/cardio, thinking I knew a lot…….Heather managed to SHOCK me. I was amazed that she adapted so well to my friend, managed to impress me with all her new workouts and she taught my friend the basics of fitness/cardio. It floored me.

The weekend was one of the most enlightening and the best learning fitness/nutrition experiences of my life. She knows her stuff and then some. She taught us what is good to eat and what is very bad to eat. What to look for in a nutrition label and what to avoid.

If your goal is to lose weight she can help you through that and reach your goal. She will also stay in contact long after you leave. You never feel like you’re bothering her, no matter how dumb you think your question is.

She brings you into her home and treats you like one of the family. I love and miss her and her family and hope to visit again.


From Canada

New Photoshoot photos posted of my 2009 offseason! Click below.


Check out January's World Physique
I'm featured as one of the "Fittest MOMS"!

I was selected as World Physique's Transformation of the Month Nov '09

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Heather and FitnessRx!

   Now is your chance to ask her anything you want about achieving your goals on the FitnessRx forum.  She's there to help "MOMS" get rid of their babyweight & give them the motivation they need.


Transformation Number 2!

The before was taken 7-11 and the after was taken 10 months later. Rozalee was born 7-5-08

Ladies-if I can do it twice, so can you !!!!
Email me if you have questions on how to do it!!  I'd love to help ya.




Hello everyone!

My name is Missy Rosemeyer and I am new to the sport of figure competition. I just had my 38th birthday in March and I have 3 wonderful and very energetic kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. I competed at my first show ever April 3 and am thrilled to have placed 5th in the tall class! I couldn't have done it all on my own, I had the help of a very knowledgeable trainer(and my friend :), Heather Bear.
I have always been an athletic person and kept myself in pretty good shape. I am a fitness instructor in addition to being a stay at home mom. But I have never been able to shed those last few pounds of flab. I had the discipline to diet but whenever I did, I would lose too much weight on top and not enough on bottom, so I hid behind jeans all the time, never wearing shorts or a swim suit because I was embarrassed by my thick flabby legs.

Then a mutual friend told me I should contact Heather, that she would be able to help me whether I wanted to compete or just do this for myself. That was a phone call that literally changed my life. One meeting with her and she had me convinced that I wanted to compete! (This is really saying something good about her because I am quite the doubter when it comes to myself!) First of all she helpedme straighten up my diet. Man was I doing everything wrong! Then it was how to work out those legs to reveal the muscle underneath the bulkiness. I always thought I shouldn't use weight training on my legs or they would get even bigger but I was wrong again! Heather taught me how to train my legs properly so they would become lean and sexy. And this may be the most important thing of all that got me to where I am now,, she always believed that I could get my body to look this way even when I doubted it myself. I haven't heard of too many trainers that give you that kind of emotional support! I can still hear her saying "Will you quit worrying??!! You're gonna look great!" Haha, ok Heather, I'm not worried anymore cause you've given me the knowledge and confidence I needed to succeed! I can honestly say "I'm a 38 yr old mom of three young kids and have never looked hotter in my life!"

I highly recommend anyone who wants to change their life to work with Heather Bear! I am sending a before and after pic. It kinda says it all. The proof is in the pictures!

you Heather!!!!



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